Constant Pressure Turbine
Breakthrough technology designed to maintain constant pressure and constant flow rates with frequency-controlled pumps. Frequency controllers adjust the speed of the motor to vary the pumpís output. As demand for fuel rises and falls, the system automatically adjusts flow rates to meet demands. But itís more than a pump. The transducer that controls the pump output also serves as a built-in line leak detector, continuing to monitor pressure in the piping system when the pump is turned off. Three slide-out circuit boards work together to monitor fuel demand at the nozzle, adjust the rate of fuel delivery, perform diagnostics, and monitor the system for line leaks.

Red Jacketís top-of-the-line, high performance packer manifold. Quantum finals feature a redesigned flow path significantly reducing restrictions, thus offering the highest flow rate of any 4-inch submersible pump in the petroleum industry today. Itís AG compatible and designed to accommodate existing and emerging leak detection systems. Compatible with diesel, 100% gasoline, or 80% gasoline with 20% methanol, ethanol, TAME, ETBE, or MTBE, as well as 100% methanol and 100% ethanol. Quantum is also available as a UL listed retrofit option ready for installation on any Red Jacket submersible pump in service.

Maxxum Big Flo
Red Jacketís Maxxum maximizes serviceability, safety and performance, while maximizing benefits. A redesigned flow path reduces restrictions, pressure drop is minimized, higher flow rates are delivered. Features include:
* Easy and safe electrical yoke disconnect
* Quick removal of extracta pump head
* Quick accessibility of check valve
* Reliable single syphon port and syphon check valve
* Adjustable pressure relief for quick control , from 1-40 psi
* Vapor recovery pump driving port Quick attachment of SnapTapô to tank port for easy testing
* Transducer port for electronic leak detection
Standard Submersible Petroleum Pump
Red Jacket pumping systems are designed to go the distance delivering smooth operation, with less maintenance and a long life. Features include:
* One small assembly contains all functional elements: check valve, air eliminator, expansion relief valve, syphon nozzle and venturi, syphon check valve and pressure test screw.
* All models fit standard 4" NPT tank openings.
* Bayonet-type electrical connector provides a safe explosion-proof electric disconnect without separating wires.
* Pressure relief valve and check valve can be isolated to assist in pressure-testing the lines.
* On-winding thermal over-current protector prevents premature motor failure.
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